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Flump Family


Father Flump, who was very clever and often invented things,

for example a "Flumpet Stand" He was often seen

working in his allotment.

Mother Flump, spent most of her time tidying, cooking and baking.

She often read to the young Flumps, stories from the big book. ​

Perkin Flump, was the eldest of the children and often wore a yellow

and blue hat. He's a somewhat grumpy Flump

(lets say a typical teenager) who in one episode finds himself literally

under a cloud!

Posie Flump, was the only girl and she always wore a bright blue ribbon on her head. A sensible and pragmatic Flump, who's growing up and learning just what life’s all about.

Pootle Flump, was the youngest member of the Flump family, who sometimes wore a white hat. He was prone to getting mixed up and is always taking idioms literally. He often used mangled malapropisms such as ‘extra-plorer’ and ‘hodgeheg’, invariably leading one of the others to say, "Oh, Pootle!"

Grandfather Flump, was the oldest Flump and spent most of his time either in the garden playing with the younger Flumps or playing his Flumpet™ (musical instrument).

If Grandfather was not doing any of the above, then he would sometimes be found sitting in the comfy chair reading his paper or sleeping under it as was often the case.

He always woke up for tea though, especially if Mother Flump had been baking.

Meet the Flumps

The Flumps was a popular children's programme broadcast on British television in 1976 and produced by David Yates and narrated by Gay Soper

Grandfather flump, flumpet

Grandfather Flump

Spends most of his day sleeping or playing the Flumpet an instrument a little like a trumpet!

Posie Flump, the flumps

Posie Flump

She's an imaginative flump who's kind and an artful problem solver.

Mother Flump, The Flumps

Mother Flump

Likes to bake cakes, enjoys cleaning and taking care of Perkin, Posie and Pootle.

Perkin Flump Wave, The flumps,

Perkin Flump

A somewhat snippety and moody flump who enjoys being told stories.

Father Flump, The Flumps

Father Flump

When things are not "all of a tiswas’ he enjoys digging in the allotment and attempting DIY!

pootle flump, magnet,

Pootle Flump

The youngest flump who is literal-minded with an inquisitive but innocent demeanor.

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