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A total of 13 episodes that were 15 minuets long, made up the one and only series of The Flumps. However, it was broadcast by the BBC many times from 1977 to 1988.

Mother flump, posie flump, perkin flump

The Flumps


S01E01 Secrets: - Includes the "Hat" Song and the wonderful "Can you Keep a Secret" Song. Includes "The Secret Story." Posie is fed up, she wants to play but it is very quiet and Grandfather Flump is fast asleep in his chair. As usual the newspaper (on the back page there is an article about West Ham United) is over his head. She heads off to find the other Flumps. She finds Mother Flump in the kitchen busy writing a special recipe for a special cake in her recipe book. Mother Flump says it is a secret and tells Posie not to tell anyone. "Keep it under your hat" she tells Posie. Posie then goes to see Perkin who is busy writing secret messages in code in his book. She asks what he is doing and after he tells her, he says "Keep it under your hat." Posie is still not entirely sure what this all means but agrees to do as he wishes. She then wanders off and sees Father Flump. He is busy in his workshop making a new kind of shelf. When she asks what he is doing he tells her but asks her to "Keep it under her hat." Posie is still a little confused with all these secrets and hats. Pootle is busy with his carpentry set when Posie find him. He asks her to keep the secret of what is is doing. Posie agrees to keep it under her hat but Pootle reminds her that she is not wearing a hat. She is a little bit worried that all the secrets will get lost and hurries off to remedy the situation. But where is her hat, she cannot find it and so looks for any old hat. Pootle finds her hat and she immediately puts it on. However, when she goes outside the hat is blown away by the wind and Posie thinks she has lost all the secrets. The family reassure her that everything is okay, and they all go inside for tea. As usual Grandfather Flump wakes up just in time for some cake. S01E02 The Cloud:- Includes the "Grumpy Flump" Song and the "Clouds come, Clouds go" Song. Grandfather Flump is having a play on his Flumpet. Perkin Flump says it is too load, he is in a very bad mood. For him, the waters is too cold, the floor to hard, don't like this porridge, too lumpy and sticky he says. Mother Flump tells him to cheer up otherwise he will be under a grey cloud all day. She gives him a carrot and he goes outside still in a bad mood. Perkin then remembers that Grandfather Flump likes carrots. Grandfather Flump is now fast asleep having forty winks so Perkin sticks the carrot in the Flumpet and then goes away. Perkin appears in front of Posie and Pootle, he has a large cloud over his head. He tries to get rid of the cloud, but it will not go. Posie and Pootle stand under the cloud and then start to feel very sad. They quickly move out from under it. The grumpy Flump is followed everywhere by the cloud. The Flump trio try to blow the cloud away, it doesn't work though. Grandfather Flump arrives to save the day but only after the carrot has come flying out of the Flumpet. All the Flumps laugh when they see the carrot appear and as they do, the cloud vanishes. Perkin now feels much better. S01E03 The Magnet: - Includes the "Spoons" music. Mother Flump is appalled as the house is total mess. She knows who is responsible, Pootle. Pootle has lost his things and is busy looking for bits and bobs. Mother Flump gives him a present to help him keep his things from getting lost. The new pocket is shown to the other Flumps. They are very jealous but know that Mother Flump will make them one to, if they ask her. Pootle goes off to fill the pocket with things. Pootle goes to see Father Flump. Father Flump gives him an extra strong magnet. Pootle is not sure what a magnet is but as he walks away, the watering can follows him. Father stops it from leaving. Pootle goes into the kitchen and Mother Flump asks him to lay the table. As he does this, the cutlery starts to behave very oddly. Pootle starts to find out what the magnet is for. He heads out into the garden and attracts everything that is metal. He becomes coated in metal objects which are very heavy. He soon falls asleep. Posie and Perkin are sent out to find the spoons and Pootle. They soon find him fast asleep covered in metal bits and pieces. Mother, Father and Grandfather Flump come looking for everyone. Some of the objects that are stuck to Pootle are actually items lost by the Flump family. Mother Flump is happy to get her thimble back. Father Flump uses his magnet to release Pootle and they go in for tea, now they have found the missing spoons. S01E04 Get Your Skates On: - Includes the "Wheels turning round" song. Something new is at the Flumps. Posie and Perkin both fall over the skate, although they are not sure what it is. Pootle tries to catch the skate but it gets away from him. Mother Flump explains that Father Flump is making skates and that they are for their feet. The trio head off to see Father Flump. He is using the skates to move things, but he allows them to use one of the skates to play with. They show it to Grandfather Flump who could do with a skate for his heavy Flumpet. He is very happy. Mother Flump also borrows the wheels to use on her mop and bucket. Father Flump has made two pairs of skates for Posie and Perkin. Pootle is told that he too young for skates. Pootle is given a small wagon on wheels pulled with a bit of string. He is very happy too. Perkin does not really know how to skate and neither does Posie. After a bit of practise though, they are getting very good. Mother Flump, Father Flump and Pootle all arrive on the Flumpcycle S01E05 Moon Shot: - Includes the "The Moon Alone" Song and the "Zoom, Zoom to the Moon" Song. Posie, Perkin and Pootle Flump are having a ride on the Flumpcycle. Posie is getting very tired, but Perkin says he can go on 'till teatime. Perkin says he could go on forever whilst Pootle says he could go to the Moon on the Flumpcycle. Perkin does not know how far that really is, neither does Posie. They decide to go and ask Father Flump. Unfortunately, he does not know exactly either. He explains that they would need a rocket to go to the Moon. Mother Flump shows them a picture of a rocket in her book. The young Flumps set about building their own Moon Rocket. It is huge and is made from cardboard tubes. Grandfather Flump asks where its name and number is. Flumpollo, Number 1 decides Perkin. Posie and Perkin go inside to get some crayons, but Pootle left outside, falls asleep and he begins to dream. He dreams of blasting off in a rocket from the Flumpbase. He encounters MoonFlumps having a picnic on the Moon. When he wakes up, they have a real picnic outside. S01E06 Balloons: - Includes the "Coloured Bubbles Balloons" Song and "If I was a fly" Song. A red and yellow balloon are in the Flump's garden. Pootle sees them, but then suddenly he does not see them. There they are again but then they are gone again. Pootles does not know what to think. Posie and Perkin come round the corner carrying the balloons. Pootle has a green balloon but cannot blow it up. Perkin offers to do it but Pootle does not want any help. He goes away to blow it up on his own. Grandfather Flump does not see Pootle and is busy playing his Flumpet. Pootle uses the Flumpet to try and blow his balloon up. At first it works but soon the balloon is too big, and it bursts, startling Grandfather Flump. Father Flump arrives after hearing the bang. Grandfather Flump explains what happened. Father Flump offers Pootle another balloon and a pump for blowing it up. Father Flump warns Pootle not to put too much air in it but as usual Pootle gets it wrong. Outside, Posie and Perkin are still playing with their balloons. The balloons eventually deflate so they go and look for Pootle. They hear a voice but cannot see where it comes from. They both look up and see Pootle floating in the air. Pootle does not know how to get down so Perkin goes and finds Father Flump. Eventually Grandfather Flump uses his Flumpet to get Pootle down safely. S01E07 Keep Fit: - Includes the "Fit, Flop Exercise" Song. It was an ordinary day at the Flumps home. Pootle was standing on his head, Posie did the same. Perkin arrives and shows them how to do exercises correctly. Each of the Flump family have a different method of exercising and so keeping fit. Father Flump gets out his weights to show them how he used to lift when he was younger. Grandfather Flump has a go but then wishes he hadn't. Everyone is so tired after all the exercising, that they all decide to have a nap. Grandfather dreams of holding the world record for weightlifting. S01E08 Something Different: - Includes the "With a Yohoho and a Welly Boot" Song and "Great Uncle William" Story. Perkin, Posie and Pootle are bored and down in the dumps. They have been bored all day so Father Flump suggest they find something to do. It is nearly supper time but the Flump children are bored with supper time and sleep time. Father Flump suggest they go and find out what supper will be. They go into the kitchen and ask Mother Flump. She says that it is their favourite "vegetable soup," The children say they are bored with soup, they want something different. The children want to be different, eat different things, live differently, and do different things. Mother Flump says that when she was a little Flump she wanted to be like Aunt Myrtle Flump. She shows them a picture of her. Aunt Myrtle Flump made all her children do the work as Aunt Myrtle did nothing around the house. The Flump children go and find Father Flump to see who he wanted to be like when he was younger. Father Flump informs them that Great Uncle William Flump was an explorer and Father Flump wanted to be like him. Grandfather Flump, when he was young, wanted to be like Cousin Filbert Flump. Filbert Flump had his own fishing boat. Grandfather Flump then falls asleep and the children go back to see Mother Flump. Supper is not ready, so they go outside and look at the Moon. they soon realise that they are happy being who they are and go inside looking forward to their supper. S01E09 Lend a Hand: - Includes the "Hands" Song. Mother Flump is baking in the kitchen and asks Pootle for a hand. She is very pleased with the help he gives her. He then goes and helps Grandfather Flump with the polishing of his Flumpet. Grandfather Flump shows him some tricks with some cards. Pootle goes off to see if anyone else needs a hand or two. Father Flump is sanding down some wood. He is not really able to help as Father Flump is doing tricky work. Pootle then goes and helps Posie but gets all tangled up in Posie's wool. Pootle goes and watches Perkin who is busy planting in the garden. He helps with some potting. Grandfather Flump arrives to offer some help as well. Pootle finds that he is a little tired after all the morning's work. He goes and plays with Posie, before going in for some nice freshly baked jam tarts. S01E10 Quiet Please: - Includes the "Flowerpot" music played by the Flumps. It was a very noisy morning at the Flumps. Father Flump was busy cutting wood. Pootle was busy walking on squeaky creaky floorboards. Grandfather Flump is playing the Flumpet rather loudly. Posie and Perkin are playing snap with a pack of cards. Only Mother Flump is being quiet and she tells everyone that she has a headache. Father Flump suggests a rest in his comfy chair whilst he goes and makes her a cup of herb tea. The other Flumps all promise to be quiet in order to let Mother Flump rest. Just as Mother Flump settles down, Father Flump wakes her up by pouring water into the kettle. The creaky floorboards walked on by Pootle, awaken Mother Flump again. Pootle says he is sorry, and the children leave the room. Posie shows Pootle a book about animals and the noises they make. Mother Flump eventually comes into the room. She has had a good rest, and her headache has gone much to the delight of the other Flumps. Father Flump and Grandfather Flump decide to fix the squeaky floorboards. S01E11 Grandfather's Birthday: - Includes the "No one has remembered my Birthday" Song. Grandfather Flump got up rather late today. He is the last to finish breakfast. He suddenly remembers that it is his birthday today. There are no presents, no cards and no one has wished him a happy birthday yet. Everyone must have forgotten him. He decides to go and jog their memories. Mother Flump is in the kitchen and Grandfather Flump tries to find out if she is baking anything special. Mother Flump avoids the question and gives him the impression that she does not know what today is apart from being tomato soup day. He goes away and finds Perkin. Perkin is making a picture for Grandfather Flump. Posie sees him coming and quickly takes the picture away. Grandfather Flump tries to see if Perkin has remembered but goes away disappointed. He next finds Posie, Father Flump and Pootle but none of them give the game away. Has no one remembered his birthday? Grandfather Flump goes outside and believes everyone has forgotten his birthday. He is really sad and is feeling sorry for himself. Pootle and Posie eventually come out and bring Grandfather Flump in. A surprise party is waiting inside for him. He is overjoyed and so pleased that they all remembered. S01E12 What a Carrot: - Includes the "The Dreaded Blight" Song. The plants in the Flump's allotment are not growing very well. Father Flump and Grandfather Flump are very perplexed as to the reason why. They all decide to get their morning break (seed cake slices). Mother Flump reads them a poem about a great gardener called Uncle Weatherby. His garden was superb, but he always wanted to grow plants that would not normally grow. Posie suggests that they talk to the plants in order to encourage them to grow. Perkin does the talking, whilst Pootle pretends to be a rain cloud whilst Posie pretends to be the sun. Grandfather Flump finds that the plants will not grow because of "The Blight." The book gives them a method of dealing with the dreaded blight. The potion works a treat, and all the vegetables are splendid. One vegetable, the carrot, however, has not made an appearance so Father Flump tries out his new potion on the carrot plant. Some days later Pootle remembers the carrot and so tries to pull it up. Pootle cannot, so Perkin has a go. He fails and so everyone pulls together and eventually the biggest carrot you ever saw comes out of the ground. S01E013 Where's Grandfather: - Includes the "Where is Grandfather" Song. Mother Flump is Spring cleaning the family home. Everywhere she looks, she finds things the children have lost. She decides to start a lost property box. Father Flump arrives in the room. He has a sore throat and seem to be losing his voice. Pootle suggests that he looks for it in the lost property box. Mother Flump has some medicine that will make him feel better. Grandfather Flump has lost his glasses, they are actually on the back of his head but he does not know they are there. Grandfather Flump gets everyone mixed up when he cannot see who they are. Posie can see the glasses and so can Perkin. Pootle finally tells Grandfather Flump where they are. The children decide to play hunt the thimble. Pootle hides it and Posie and Perkin search for it. Pootle has hidden the thimble on his hat and eventually Posie spots it. Perkin is not happy and so decides that they should play hide and seek. Posie counts to twenty whilst Pootle and Perkin hide. She reaches twenty and then goes off in search of them. It is not very easy to find them, and she is about to give up when she sees them behind the wall. The boys then count to twenty whilst Posie hides. Perkin and Pootle cannot find her. Eventually she turns up when Mother Flump arrives looking for Grandfather Flump. It is teatime and the bread pudding will get cold if he does not hurry up. The children go and hunt for Grandfather Flump. They search everywhere but cannot find a trace of him. The children stumble across a newspaper, a polishing cloth and then they find the Flumpet. These are all clues as to where Grandfather Flump is. Suddenly they can hear the sound of snoring from someone in the workshop. Inside they find Grandfather Flump having forty winks. Perkin shouts that it is teatime and Grandfather Flump wakes in an instant. they all head in for tea with hot bread pudding.

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