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Welcome to The Flumps Website

A website dedicated to the promotion, education, and preservation of a misunderstood and often underappreciated 1970s kids TV show. Please have a look around the site and enjoy its content.

The Flumps was written and created by Julie Holder. They're a typical loving family of round furry characters that have rather big eyes and noses who also like to wear hats, wiggle their fingers, and have Yorkshire accents (Gay Soper) and had their own language quirks using obscure or nonsense words. 

They were burrow-dwelling creatures that lived and played in a ramshackle house at the bottom of a grimly forlorn garden.


The Flump family consisted of, Grandfather Flump, Father Flump , Mother Flump, Perkin, Posie and Pootle.


It became a very popular children's TV series after Julie Holder's youngest child took one of his mum's Flump stories along to read at school, it greatly impressed his teacher; as luck would have it, the teacher's husband was a BBC producer (David Yates).

The Flumps Book

The Flumps first episode "Secrets" was broadcast on British television on Wed 5th Oct 1977, 13:45 on BBC One.

Produced by David Yates and narrated by Gay Soper, the plot revolved around the various adventures of some

furry, human-like characters called The Flumps.

There were a total of 13 episodes that were about 15 minutes long.

Repeats from Spring 1978 in the Sunday morning slot opened up The Flumps to a far wider audience than would

have seen the original lunchtime broadcasts, cementing its popularity.


Flumpy Fact

The Flumps had their own language quirks, using obscure or nonsense words. Pootle used malapropisms such as 'extra-plorer' and 'hodgeheg'. Father used the phrase, 'all of a tiswas'. Whist Perkin would say he’s 'feeling umpty'

Flumpy Fact

Perkin, Posie and Pootle liked to ride around on the Flumpcycle!

Flumpy Fact

The Flumps had Papier Mache bodies coated with fur, their facial features, hands and feet were made from Fymo, and their arms and legs were steel armatures clad with chamois leather.

Flumpy Fact

The Flumps theme tune was used in a series of adverts for AutoTrader in early 2008.


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